Understanding Provider Travel & Activity Based Transport for NDIS Participants


Understanding Provider Travel & Activity Based Transport for NDIS Participants

NDIS Transport

Getting around can be a challenge for NDIS participants. Disabilities and mobility concerns can make travel difficult, and without proper transportation services, many individuals may struggle to attend medical appointments, social events, and everyday activities. Transport services can be included in an NDIS plan, but how do you know what options are available to you? In this blog post, we will discuss provider travel and activity-based transport for NDIS participants, giving you a better understanding of your options.

Provider Travel:

Provider travel is one of the transportation options available to NDIS participants. It is designed to help participants attend appointments and access services that require them to travel beyond their usual daily trips. This might include medical appointments, therapy sessions, or vocational activities. Participants can use their NDIS plan funds to cover the costs of provider travel, which can include a range of services such as transport by car, public transport or taxi, and even accommodation expenses for overnight stays.

To access provider travel, participants will need to have it included in their NDIS plan. This will generally require a meeting with their NDIS planner to determine the individual’s needs and goals for transport support. Once approved, participants can begin using provider travel services.

Activity-Based Transport:

Activity-based transport is another transportation option available to NDIS participants. Unlike provider travel, activity-based transport is specifically designed to help individuals access community-based activities and events. This might include social events, sporting activities, or other recreational pursuits.

The goal of activity-based transport is to help individuals become more involved in their communities and engage in activities that promote socialisation and wellbeing. This can be achieved by providing transport to and from events and activities. Participants can use their NDIS plan funds to cover the costs of activity-based transport.

NDIS Guidelines:

It is important to note that there are guidelines around the use of both provider travel and activity-based transport. These guidelines are designed to ensure that NDIS funds are used appropriately and that participants receive the support they need. Some of these guidelines include:

– Provider travel should be the most efficient and effective option for the individual to access necessary services.
– Activity-based transport should allow for reasonable travel times and convenient pick-up and drop-off locations.
– All transport providers should have appropriate insurances and comply with relevant legislation.
– Providers must prioritise the safety and wellbeing of participants during transport.


Provider travel and activity-based transport are two options that NDIS participants can access to help with their transportation needs. These services can make it easier for participants to attend appointments and access community-based activities, promoting their participation and socialisation. If you think these options could benefit you, then speak to your NDIS planner to determine if they are appropriate for your needs. Remember, it is important to follow NDIS guidelines to ensure that you are receiving quality transport services that support your wellbeing and independence.

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